Shanghai GARDEN Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wang Xin’s individual studio. The studio was founded in 2013. Registered in 2018, the brand name “Garden” has now been one of the top domestic production companies of animation series and movies. Since 2013, the studio has produced several outstanding animation series, for example “Fox Spirit Matchmaker”, “The Outcast”, “JX3 Online” Animated Series, “Beryl and Sapphire”, “Vanguard Dome”, “Spirit Realm”, “Cheating Craft" and “Die Now”, etc. The studio has been collaborating with other top class companies such as Tencent, iQiyi, Bilibili, Mango TV, and Seasun Entertainment. It is aiming at integrating both domestic and overseas resources, sharing Chinese culture with the world and producing top quality animated series for the Chinese animation industry.



Superior Quality

High Efficiency

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What We Do


Animated Featured Film

Based on years of experience in animation film production, GARDEN creates high-quality IP content. With the assist of 3D techniques, the studio is dedicated to produce top notch Chinese 2D Animated Featured Film.


Animated TV Series

We have produced a great amount of animated series. The animated series are diverse in both stories and styles and we make sure all the series are under the producing schedule and having a stable quality. We create animated adaption based on existing literature, comics, and original stories. All the production are produced by our own teams.


Original Development

We advocate collaboration. GARDEN is able to gather its own advantages and resources to work independently or jointly according to the requirement in order to develop original content that is distinctive, sustainable and inspiring.


Music and Sound Design

We provide professional and high-quality theme music and scores, as well as post-production sound effects according to the specific requirements for different projects. We create a perfect blend of visual images and music respecting the uniqueness of different projects.

We are looking forward to the cooperation with you.

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